Funding Requests

The Graduate Student Association has a discretionary fund for events that are open to the graduate community. If there is an event that you would like to host, whether it is academic or social, you may request funding to help or even cover the cost. We hope to see a number of events that engender a sense of community and promote inclusiveness so that all graduate students at Wesleyan feel welcome. If you would like to request funding please fill out the Funding Request Form and attach a preliminary budget for your event allocating how the funds you requested will be spent. These forms should be submitted to the current treasurer.

Funding Request Form (as of 7/10/2018)


After the event, please fill out, and return the following form to the treasurer. Don’t forget to attach all relevant receipts, and save a copy of everything for yourself.

Reimbursement Form (as of 9/21/2017)