If you would like to notify the Housing Committee of any complains please use the following Form.

Submitting a Work Order

Work Order Request via phone 860-685-3400
Work Order Request via email work_order@wesleyan.edu
More information on submitting a work order.

Relocating to a different house or apartment

Amy Alfano is the Assignments Coordinator

The primary responsibility of the Assignment Coordinator is to manage the room assignments for all graduate students, including billing of rental charges and fees associated with graduate housing.

Contact Amy via phone: x3550 or via email: aalfano@wesleyan.edu

Problems with relocation or lease appeals

Stacy Phelps is the Assistant Director of Residential Life.

The assistant director of residential life is directly responsible for the supervision of staff, programming, and overall management of senior and graduate housing. Administrative responsibilities include processing room change request forms and lease appeals.

Contact Stacy Phelps via email: sphelps@wesleyan.edu

Off campus housing

Listings for non-university housing can be found posted in the Graduate Student Services office, or on the Wesleyan Classifieds website: https://classifieds.wesleyan.edu

Further help

If you have questions not answered here, please refer to the Residential Life website.